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Auditions and Ensemble Information

The Orange Park Chorale Audition and Ensemble Information

Auditions.  Auditions are held ONLY for new members, old members who did not sing with us this past year, and any current members who would like to audition for the Ensemble.  Auditions will be held:

Audition will include a short a cappella solo of the singer’s choosing (we always suggest “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”), some range testing, and a short sight singing example.

Please email us for more information on joining the Orange Park Chorale.


EnsembleMark and Evan would like the ensemble to be a smaller, balanced group of singers who are strong sight singers and who have a strong background in choral technique (vowels, blend, etc.). The group will have 8-12 singers. The group will focus on pops, jazz and holiday repertoire. We believe this will make the group more marketable and versatile. The Ensemble will rehearse for 45 minutes per week outside of normal OPC rehearsal.  If you’re interested in singing with the Ensemble, let Evan know during your audition.



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